For decades, the importance of motorcycle helmets has been debated by thousands of motorcyclists and motorists. However, in recent years motorcyclists have been forced by the law to wear helmets. In Los Angeles, not wearing a motorcycle helmet is already a traffic violation. Because of this, many groups and biker associations have protested against these laws. They said they should not be forced to wear helmets because wearing these safety devices also has disadvantages.

To justify the position of both parties, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a helmet:

• It gives the biker a greater chance of survival in a motorcycle accident. Studies say helmets are about 30% effective in preventing serious injuries and deaths.

• It protects the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and head from serious injuries. These parts of the face are prone to injuries in motorbike crashes.

• It can protect the biker’s eyes from insects, birds, debris and other small objects that may affect his vision and concentration. When an insect or debris enters a biker’s eye, he may lose control of the motorcycle.

• It can support gadgets for entertainment and communication.
• The rider loses the sense of freedom. Many motorcyclists love the feel of the wind brushing through their hair while riding. Wearing a helmet takes away this sensation from them.

• Some motorcyclists may find it difficult to support the weight of the helmet. Most motorcycle helmets are heavy. Riders who are wearing them for the first time may find it difficult to maneuver their motorbikes.

• Bikers wearing helmets may break their necks in an accident. Because of the weight and shape of a helmet, a driver may break his neck in a motorcycle crash.

• Speed does not matter in a motorbike crash. Even if the biker was moving at only 30mph, he may still sustain neck injuries because of the helmet.

Now you know a number of factors concerning the issue, it is for you to decide which side are you on. You can obey the motorcycle helmet law in your state, or join the protest to abolish or modify this law.

Motorcycle accidents are inevitable if you are a dangerous and risky driver. Whether you wear a helmet or not, you would still be involved in motorcycle accidents and collisions. If you really want to be safe, drive carefully and abide by traffic rules and regulations.

Buying and wearing your own motorcycle helmet is really not bad. It is just there to protect your head in case of an accident. It all comes down to the question: which do you value more, convenience or safety?